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The company launched a new product: SP30-25 Backho

Date:2013-7-19 16:31:51  Form:Xuzhou City Jueqi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

I introduced the SP30-25 Backhoe Loader has the following characteristics:
To facilitate additional devices
The overall chassis, independent PTO scalable, can be easily increased loading, digging, bulldozing, digging wells to enhance attachment. Extend the functionality of the tractor to improve the utilization of the tractor.
To facilitate the use of mature technology
Truck can be used directly in the product components, construction machinery and other industries mature technology, such as caliper disc brake, wet clutch, synchronizer, oil and gas booster technology, other industries through a technology development advantages, accelerate the upgrading of the big drag product technical grade.
To facilitate the expansion of the product spectrum
Parts from trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, mature product, the kinds of products have a series of specifications, preferably a combination of the components of these series, the formation of the products of different horsepower segment, greatly shorten the product development cycle. 110-270 horsepower series in four years, have developed and large drag 8 Model 30 varieties, six models have been mass-produced.
Convenient to meet the requirements of the users to personalize
To adjust the speed ratio of the transfer case, different stall speed can be obtained to meet the requirements of the different areas of the fine agricultural; adjusted final gearbox speed ratio, to meet the requirements of the different countries of the output speed standard. Trade-offs can also be user demand for functional modules, to produce special models of tractors.
To facilitate the organization of mass production
Modular structure using common parts and components, and can make full use of social resources and XCMG specialized manufacturing platform and does not require large-scale investment in fixed assets will be able to carry out large-scale production of high-powered wheeled big drag, changed the traditional tractor production organization the way to solve production bottlenecks of traditional big drag.
To facilitate maintenance
The modular structure of fault is easy to find, easy maintenance.